When it comes to obtaining merchandise for the best possible price you can’t beat the prices at your favorite auction. Exactly the reason the world wide web has supplied us with an abundance of auction sites with Ebay being the Grandaddy of them all. These sites offer goods and services at prices no other marketing arena can afford.

They also afford individuals as well as small business owners the opportunity to pick up some extra income. Stay at home Moms, retirees, disabled workers, and small-time entrepreneurs are making small fortunes from sites like Ebay. And doing so with no website, website skills, and No Investment capital to start their businesses.

Actually, a potential Ebay seller only needs a few simple things to put an item up for sale. If you’re thinking about putting an item or items up for sale on Ebay or any other auction site here are several things you’ll want to consider before you do.

1. The Going Rate or Value on the Market.

Like it or not, you’re going to have to do a little research. This will help you to arrive at a perceived value for whatever it is you’re selling. Its cost will hopefully create a bargain for the buyer, yet still, be enough to provide the seller (You) with a profit. This will be pretty much a no-brainer if you’re cleaning out the attic or garage. These types of merchandise can really create a bargain for the buyer. You collect found money and the buyer gets to afford something that they would not be willing to pay full price as new.

Depending on the item, you still may want to check out other sites having that particular item to see what kind of prices are being asked. Use all information regarding pricing wisely. Remain flexible and remember, the idea is to make a sale, not to give it away. You’ll have to find a happy medium between buyer and seller.

2. A Detailed Item Description.

Your item’s description needs to be as truthful as possible. Describe it as it actually is. Don’t try and make it into something it is not. Any flaws or imperfections should be noted. If it is in or near Mint Condition then note it as well.

3. The Photograph.

We’re not all professional photographers so you’ll have to take a few pictures before you get one suitable to depict your item in the manner you need for a sale. If you can get it clear enough and at an angle that the potential buyer can see, described in the item’s description, you stand a very good chance of making the sale.

4. The Seller’s Requirements.

It is an essential thing for the seller to state his or her payment requirements. It’s best for the sellers to include everything especially the additional charges that will apply like shipping fees.

You’ll not want to leave anything to chance. Spell out everything. How you want to receive payment, how much are the shipping costs, will the seller or buyer pay them, is a deposit required, when will an item be shipped, and so forth. I’m sure you get the idea. Surprises after the sale are unsettling and lack professionalism.

5. Customer Service.

Customer Service is not rocket science. If you just treat people the same way you’d want to be treated, you can’t go wrong. Answer all emails or phone calls, be helpful and courteous, and as they say, a happy buyer makes a happy seller.

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