The joy of hiring a private jet lies in all the extra perks that you simply don’t find on commercial airline flights — even if you fly in first class. These services include gourmet meals, in-flight meals, privacy, offices and meeting space, and the ultimate in comfort, service, and luxury. By using this as a regular source of transportation, you avoid long airport lines and the inconveniences posed by traveling alongside hordes of people. And if you’re traveling with a group, you can even save money by traveling on a private charter.

Why do travelers typically prefer hiring private jets? Probably the number one reason is that it allows the travelers themselves to decide their flight itinerary. You no longer have to rely on commercial airlines to tell you when you can and cannot fly. What’s more, this kind of service allows you to land in airports that commercial airlines aren’t allowed to go to. This could bring you even closer to your final destination than you previously could before.

Ground transportation can often be arranged, ensuring that you’re driven straight up to the plane without having to wait in line to board a flight. Travelers also prefer executive charter travel because of the high degree of comfort this kind of trip offers. Spacious comfortable seats that you just don’t find in normal aircraft, gourmet meals, bars, and in-flight movies are just some perks you can expect to find on your next executive jet charter flight. It sure beats those cramped commercial airline flights where you can barely move your legs.

Who, exactly, uses private jet charter services? Above all, people traveling on business. This includes celebrities, business executives, CEOs, as well as smaller organizations who prefer to travel together as a group, rather than the impersonal service commercial airlines provide.

Private jet charters are also enjoyed by luxury vacation travelers who simply have the extra money to pay for a hassle-free experience. These travelers enjoy customizing their own itineraries with companies who are willing to go the extra mile to accommodate their specific travel needs.

What’s more, private chartering can be a cost-effective way of traveling, particularly if you are traveling in a group. Up to eighteen passengers can be accommodated on most private jets, and when the cost is split evenly between passengers, the final amount is often significantly less or equal to what you’d spend on a commercial flight. If you have many stops on your itinerary, chartering a private jet can save you on hotel costs.

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