All over the Internet Moms are looking for Stay At Home Jobs. Mostly because they would like to spend more time with their children, but some want to make extra money. Some want to replace their current income. And of course, all want to make as much as possible. Who wouldn’t?

Well, the Internet is a perfect place for home-based mom’s jobs, because there are plenty to be had. In going through the review process I found thousands of moms opportunities, but once I got through evaluating them, I ended up with about 10–20 real opportunities.

It is easy to monitor the demand for these companies because you can easily see it by what phrases are being searched for on Google. They are phrases like jobs for stay at home moms, work at home jobs for moms,

jobs for moms at home, best jobs for stay at home moms, work from home jobs for moms and online jobs for stay at home moms. This is just a few, but one can tell there is great demand.

The reason for this is there are many scams out there that one has to be careful of. The other thing I found is there are a lot of programs, whereby you can spend a lot of time and receive very little from it, so I wanted to focus on programs with decent earning potential.

Of course, you still have to work that’s why they call them work at home jobs. I should not have to say that, but you would be surprised at how many people think you can just sign up and the money will come rolling in. To be fair some ads out there make it sound that way. They do that on purpose to lure the before mentioned group into their web. It is important to realize you will have to do some work and you need the right discipline to work at home. Not everybody can do it because they won’t do the work part. In many cases, it’ takes much less effort than their day job did, but again you have to have the right mentality for it.

Here is a list a few of program types I found for work at home

Type At Home

Data Entry

Telephone Answering

Online Dollar Stores

Online Jewelry Stores

Online Paid Surveys

Mystery Shopping

Focus Groups

Medical Transcription

Rebate Processing

I found more than that, but you can see there is plenty to choose from. In addition, you will need the following items:


Access to the Internet

Business Cards


Word Processor

Spell Check

Some Free Time

A minimal amount of money to join the program


Separate email account preferable

My suggestion to you is to find a site like mine, but not necessarily mine whereby you feel comfortable and purchase one of the programs through them. It does not cost you anything extra and you get the benefit of any research and elimination that has been done. Believe me, there is plenty of elimination to be done and it takes a lot of time.

Give your self a chance by picking the right program that fits your skillset and then allow yourself the time to be successful.

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