Who says snorkeling is only in the Bahamas? Mexico�s Acapulco does offer a lot in terms of snorkeling too. Though the most ideal spots are accessible by motorized boats alone, once you get the chance to rent (or procure it by other means) you would be grateful for the effort.

Probably the best place for snorkeling in Acapulco is in Isla la Roqueta. Here the water can be as deep as 30 feet but you�d be convinced it is nowhere more than 10 feet since the water is exceedingly crystal clear. Take a glass-bottom boat if you can to maximize your snorkeling in Acapulco experience. Isla la Roqueta may not offer much in terms of corals and marine diversity but it does have an endless patch of marine vegetation that house multitudes of fishes. Isla la Roqueta DO has plenty of fishes to see. Even just by skimming the surface, schools of them will pass any swimmer often, completely unafraid. And don�t forget to seek the submerged statue of the Lady of Guadalupe.

You could head also to Puerto Marques for your snorkeling in Acapulco experience. This snorkeling location is located 15 kilometers southeast of Acapulco. You can either take a boat or drive down the coastal highway and take a turn off the road. This is also a frequent area so there are persons who do �watches� for your car and stuffs for a dollar. Anything should be safe, but it is generally advised not to bring highly valuable items. Keep stuff like purses and black bags out of sight. In the trunk or anywhere as long as it remains hidden from plain sight.

Puerto Marques provides an excellent snorkeling in Acapulco experience. Noted mostly for its shallow and clear waters, Puerto Marques do offer an interesting aquatic habitat.

Playas Caleta & Caletilla is the best place to gaze at the Mexican diversity and culture. Listen to a guitar tune, drink a Cerveza, and try the white cheese dip and a tortilla, and of course a snorkeling in Acapulco experience. Gorgeous scenery underwater and above, calm waters and lots and lots of colorful fun, that�s why Playas Caleta & Caletilla is Acapulco�s most traditional beach.

The sunken ship Rio de la Plata makes an excellent underwater scenery, just perfect for snorkeling. This sunken ancient ship lies in the waters of Icacos located in the Zona Dorada. Don’t miss this underwater spectacle but be sure you know how to swim to a moderate depth.

Too bad, just like in Isla la Roqueta, other sites for snorkeling in Acapulco couldn�t get any better. Due to the number of native bathers that hardly responsible that frequented the area, these marine habitats suffered dearly. Still, by government restoration and strict laws, this snorkeling place credits among the best Acapulco experience.

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