A number of American ballet companies are out there in the United States to give you space to learn the art of ballet dancing. Yes, most of these companies have their respective training schools, so if you are interested to join these ballet companies, you can do so. But, know first their backgrounds. Below is a list of the American ballet companies that you might be interested in joining in.

The American Ballet Theatre

Also known as ABT, the American Ballet Theatre is an American ballet company that has been performing almost a hundred of the greatest ballets in just a year. The company is currently directed by Kevin McKenzie and is peopled by the most excellent dancers of ballet in the United States. Well, what’s more interesting to know about this American ballet company is that it strongly upholds its aim to deliver the best performances on earth. They have incorporated the greatest masterpieces of the early days with the modern choreography, making the American Ballet Theatre truly worth noting. Today, this American ballet company has been offering training programs for ballet dancers, and most of these programs are designed for public and private schools.

American Repertory Ballet

The American Repertory Ballet is an American ballet company maintained by the Princeton Ballet Society. It was founded in 1954 by a person named Audree Estey and has been known throughout the United States as one of the largest not-for-profit dance schools in the nation. This American ballet company is now headed by Mary Pat Roberston and is composed of more than a thousand students of ballet. And, perhaps what’s nice about this company is that they place their graduates in the professional dance companies in the United States and across the nation.

The American Repertory Ballet is now considered the leading American ballet company in New Jersey and is one of the major arts organizations of the state. It also has performed a number of great performances around the States and the world.

American National Ballet School and Company

The American National Ballet School and Company is but another well-known American ballet company that has been offering great performances for the public and training programs for ballet dancers. The company highly aims to facilitate and render the public the chance to witness high-quality performances, and they strongly support students of ballet to the discipline of the art. The American National Ballet School and Company is now directed by an expert, Armando Maldonado.

New York City Ballet

Another acclaimed American ballet company throughout the United States and the world came out by the name, New York City Ballet. Just like the other mentioned organizations, this American ballet company highly aims to be responsible for training its own artists and dancers. They also have created the greatest works; all were staged in prestigious theatres not only in the United States but abroad. This company is now offering training programs for its dancers and those who wish to learn the art of ballet dancing. The programs are highly managed and taught by the company’s greatest ballet masters.

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