Mountain biking has changed drastically since its origin, so have the bikes. New features have been added to meet the growing challenges of the sport. Ultralight bikes, hi-tech gears, and suspension have become the need of the day to increase the efficiency of the bike and the rider.

Investing in a good mountain bike

Selecting a good quality mountain bike is the most important step in mountain biking. Although it is comparatively more expensive than ordinary bikes, buying a good bike is a must considering the hardships it will be subjected to while venturing out on the hill slopes. These bikes are specially designed to endure a lot of pounding in the process. They are fitted with special tires and suspensions to reduce the stress on the rider and the bike and make the ride comparatively smoother.

Today’s Standard Equipment includes front-wheel suspension by default.

Nowadays more and more bikers are opting for dual suspension bikes, as they are definitely more comfortable than single suspension bikes. Similarly, bikes with large wheels are also gaining popularity compared to bikes with smaller tires and riser handlebars. Some bikes also have handlebars that have bar ends for better support.

Basically, four categories of Mountain bikes are available in the market. The four categories are A) The fully rigid bike: – these bikes have a fixed rare, no suspensions, and have a frame with a fixed fork. B) the Hard tail bike: it is similar to the fully rigid bike, the only difference is the suspension in the front wheel. C) the Soft tail bike: it has a frame that offers rear suspension to a certain extent, which is activated by flexing the frame. Pivots are not used here and D) the full or dual suspension bike: – they have suspension fitted on both the front and the rear wheel and pivots are used to move the rear wheel.

Mountain bikes are available in many designs for e.g. cross-country (XC), endure/all mountains (AM), free ride (FR), dirt jumping – urban and street, trial, downhill (DH) single speed, and 4-cross racing. The design basically depends on the type of route it’s going to be used on.

Mountain biking is reaching new heights today with competitions becoming more and more aggressive. The modern-day bikes have been specially modified to suit the rider’s requirements. Nowadays Mountain bikes have aerodynamic frames – these are lighter but yet very strong. They are fitted with three gears on the front wheel while the next few would be on the back wheel and have speeds varying from 21, 24 even up to 27.

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