Many of you probably remember visiting your grandma’s house as a child. I can still see how my grandmother had decorated her home. Every inch of surface and space was filled! The mantle, the kitchen counters, and of course the floor. She was a self-proclaimed pack-rat! When you walk into a home drowning in “stuff”, it immediately bombards you and creates overwhelming vibes. So, how do we show every little nick knack we love, without going overboard?

I have a very strict rule with myself that every surface in my home should be clean and almost completely cleared. I enjoy showing off my candles, vases, and other items. However, I have learned when it becomes too much. As a teenager, I had covered every inch of my dressers and desk with decorations. My bedroom had become more of a showplace than a home. My decorations were nicely placed as sort of retail window display, but I could never find a place to set something down… which of course meant the floor was the only other option. As you can imagine, my old room never stayed clean for very long. Years later, when I got my own place, I was finally sick of my beautiful items appearing more than clutter then as strategically placed home decorations. I cleared my surfaces and started fresh!

I now place only a few of my “can’t live without” decor pieces on my desk, dressers, dining table, and kitchen counters. The rest have been stored away. If you don’t think you can part with your treasures, remember these great benefits to the “minimal design”:

1. Once you have items stored away, you can replace which items you show off each season, which will give your home a new and fresh look. Mix and match and it will look as if you redecorate every month, just by switching which items you have out!

2. When you place a ton of distinct and unique items together, they each lose their charm and eye-catching appeal. If you want people to notice your great design sense and adorable treasures, make sure they can actually see them amongst every other item you have in your home.

3. Your home will appear more spacious and much tidier with this method. Plus, now you can see that beautiful wood table you’ve been covering up!

4. You can actually set stuff down! And to make sure you don’t get in the habit of making a mess set designated decorative baskets for items such as car keys.

It is easy to get caught up with buying every little nick knack you can find and covering your dressers with jewelry boxes and the dozens of perfume bottles you simply have to keep. But, keep in mind that a cluttered home can infringe on your efficiency as a home business owner, full-time parent, or simply a person who needs to find their shoes! But remember, you don’t have to throw these items out. Spend some time today removing half of the things you have displayed on your surfaces. Neatly store them in an easy access linen closet for future use. In a few months, when you feel like you need a change, replace the decorations with your stored items and voilà! It will look as if you just redecorated. By using the “minimal design” you will be surprised out how much better your home will look and feel!

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