The results of excessive nail-biting can be very severe. In most cases, the effects of nail-biting are not felt by the person until the first sign of discomfort appears.

The effects of biting nails usually occur in the more sensitive areas of the body such as the face, chin, forehead, neck, back, arms, hands, and legs. In addition, some people may also experience discomfort and pain in their feet.

The effects of nail nail-biting can also affect women more severely than men because nails serve to protect the face from direct sunlight, which is a major cause of skin cancer. Unhealthy and overly long fingernails may also lead to excess stress and anxiety, which can further increase the risk of developing an eating disorder.

If you have been biting your nails, there are ways to curb this behavior. Some tips for sufferers include: remembering to trim or shave regularly, avoiding nail polish that contains mercury, and using thinner-gauge bandages when applying nail polish. Your dermatologist may also recommend medical treatment, such as diet and herbal remedies, to help you rid yourself of nail-biting.

Ice makes biting nails much less likely. This technique, however, may only be effective in extremely severe cases. It works by numbing the tongue. Because ice works to make the mouth numb, it prevents one from licking the affected area. This will prevent the possibility of developing a secondary infection, which could eventually result in infection.

Many experts recommend taking garlic oil to ease the pain caused by nail-biting. In addition, many suggest that you find a method to distract yourself from biting your nails at night so that you will not fall asleep with the thought of nail-biting running through your mind.

If you are experiencing a lot of pain when biting your nails, you should be able to see a slight difference in your nails after a week or two. At this point, you may have to change the medication that you are taking for the other symptoms, such as migraines and depression.

Excessive biting of the nails is often accompanied by the following symptoms: feeling sad or detached, stress, lack of concentration, and insomnia. In order to combat this type of behavior, many experts recommend either yoga or meditation as a form of treatment.

Nail-biting is often curable if the cause of the behavior is identified and treated quickly. So long as you are clear about what you are doing, it is possible to stop yourself from biting your nails. For example, if you have nail fungus, you should treat the infection by applying anti-fungal medications.

Some foods may trigger biting of the nails, but there are no serious side effects. The best way to ensure that you do not get the aforementioned side effects is to continue to live a healthy lifestyle. By eating a balanced diet and remaining active, you can help keep your body healthy and help avoid the possibility of developing nail-biting disorders.

You can also promote a healthy lifestyle by keeping up with your vitamins and supplements, which are important to maintaining healthy nails. It is important to continue to eat nutritious foods and exercise daily in order to keep your nails in the best shape possible.

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